Masterflo Spray Booth Systems

Conquip Engineering Group - Alton

December 2014

Conquip Engineering Group in Hampshire, are large manufacturers of equipment for the construction industry. They contacted MASTERFLO because they required a solution to a painting challenge that they had, when refurbishing the CantiDeck. This is a temporary loading platform that can extend from a building structure, to allow materials and equipment to be loaded in and out of the building. These platforms measure about 9mtrs x 4mtrs and are hired out to construction sites. They are then refurbished and repainted when returned.

Conquip Case Study

MASTERFLO looked at several different spray booth options, including our Retractable Systems, but after our final site meeting it was decided to go for our unique top-loading Dry Filter Spray Booth.

This booth had a 9mtr long extract plenum in a 11mtr x 6mtr x 3mtr enclosure. It has an open top, to enable the CantiDeck to be craned into the booth and this provides a designated spray area in a the fabricating factory. The booth is equipped with three 4kW belt driven fans.