Masterflo Spray Booth Systems

Dennis Eagle - Warwick

April 2017

Dennis Eagle Limited is a UK-based dustcart manufacturer that is owned by Terberg RosRoca Group. It's Europe's largest refuse collection vehicle manufacturer and the second largest in the world. MASTERFLO were invited to a meeting to discuss alterations to be carried out in the rolling chassis assembly line, to see if we could provide a solution that would enable them to install an extra spray booth in the factory, for waxing.

Dennis Eagle Case Study

Due to the space constraints and to keep the production LEAN, it was decided to supply and install a MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Spray Booth. The reason was, the only area available for spray booth didn’t have the space around it to manoeuvre a truck into a fixed booth.

The Retractable Booth made it possible to reverse a truck up to the plenum and then pull the booth around the truck, shutting the doors to enclose it.

The booth supplied was 10.75mtr long, 4.0mtr wide & 4.0mtr high and retracted back to only 2.5mtr!