Masterflo Spray Booth Systems

Sunseeker Luxury Yachts - Portland

September 2016

Sunseeker International in Portland, instructed MASTERFLO to assist them with bringing some of the production procedures into line with current legislation. They required a designated area for paint preparation and paint spraying, with the correct air flow and extraction and with the option of being able fold it away when not in use.

Sunseeker Case Study

The MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Spray Booth was the solution and we supplied 2 No. side-by-side, to enable them to carry out both the preparation and painting.

The Painting Booth was a standard dry filter plenum.

The Preparation Booth had a dust collector and vacuum system.

Both retractable booths were 7.0mtr wide, 10.5mtr long & 3.5mtr high. When retracted they only take up 2.5mtr!